Where I'll Be


JR's Comedy Club; 7/29/2017 - JJ's Bar and Grill; Canyon Country CA

Bier Academy; 8/2/2017 - Canyon Country CA

The Van Nuys Comedy Club; 8/13/2017 - Van Nuys CA

The Ice House Stage Two; 8/20/2017 - Ice House Comedy Club; Pasadena CA

The Garage Chronicles; 8/25/2017 - Canyon Country CA (email mcguan92@gmail.com for details)

Comedy Chow; 8/30/2017 - Hooters; Hollywood CA

Fourth Wall; 8/31/2017 - North Hollywood CA

The Garage Chronicles; 9/15/2017 - North Hollywood CA (email mcguan92@gmail.com for details)

Laffs on Live; 9/16/2017 - Anaheim CA

The Garage Chronicles; 9/30/2017 - Lancaster CA (email mcguan92@gmail.com for details)

Ventura Harbor Comedy Contest; 10/1/2017 - Ventura Harbor Comedy Club; Ventura CA





Comedy Store - Hollywood CA

Ice House - Pasadena CA

Broadway Comedy Club - New York City NY

Annoyance Theatre - Chicago IL

Pasadena Public Access - Pasadena CA

Flappers Comedy Club - Burbank CA

Kreuzberg Coffee - San Luis Obispo CA

Spice Monkey - Oakland CA

Formosa Cafe - West Hollywood CA

Federal Bar - North Hollywood CA

Open Space Theatre - Los Angeles CA

Beyond the Lines - L.A. based pop up art show CA

Laughs Unlimited - Sacramento CA

The Maltese - Chico CA

Sylvesters Cafe - Chico CA

Fitz Root Beer - Saint Louis MO

Pioneer Underground - Reno NV

Nugget Casino - Carson City NV

Money Plays - Las Vegas NV

LOL Comedy Club - San Antonio TX

English Speaking Comedy Night - Paris France

Humboldt CA