Born and raised in Santa Clarita California, Tommy McGuan has always had an interest in live performing. Although he ran cross country and track competitively for eight and a half years, that did not stop him from entertaining his friends at every opportunity. 

In high school, Tommy competed as "Mr. July" in a boys only beauty pageant, and ended up winning the award "Most Photogenic". He then went to college at California State University Chico, in Northern California. At Chico state, Tommy co-hosted a college sponsored talk radio show. He would also help announce at track meets when available, and he made sure to make the events as humorous as possible. 

Although, it took Tommy a while to dip his foot in the performing world. Once Tommy performed stand up comedy for his first time in 2014, he never looked back. Tommy performed for his first time at the Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood, which sparked his interest in the art.

Since his first performance, Tommy has performed all over, in cities such as; Reno NV, San Antonio TX, New York City NY, Chico CA, Sacramento CA, Los Angeles CA, and even Paris France. He has even performed at locations such as; the Broadway Comedy Club (NYC), Pioneer Underground (Reno), Laughs Unlimited (Sacramento), Comedy Store (LA), Flappers (Burbank), Ice House (Pasadena); and he has even performed on Pasadena Public Access on two separate occasions. Once as a performer on Thursday Night Live, and the second as a guest on the Sounds Within, With L.V. Smith. Tommy has also headlined at the Federal Bar in Los Angeles.

Tommy has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a number of prestigious comedians. These comedians include the likes of; Howie Mandel, Tony Hinchcliffe, Steve Hytner, Adam Ray, Erica Rhodes, and Erik Myers; among other national headliners.

Tommy may be newer to performing stand up comedy. But he is confident that only good things can come from hard work.

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